10 Common Problems with Dragon Professional Individual

10 Common Problems with Dragon Professional Individual
Given are the 10 common problems and their solutions a Dragon Professional Individual user faces while using the dictation software.
Dictation does not work.
When you try to dictate something, the words do not appear on the screen of your computer. Using the microphone, when you try to say few words it says, “Please say that again.”
Check your microphone
See if your microphone is connected to the computer properly in the correct slot. You can also try to use the microphone for the Windows Sound Recorder. If it lets you record a sound through the microphone, then check out for other causes.
Sound Card Faulty.
If your computer sound card is faulty, it may cause poor recognition, but even poor recognition is a far cry from nothing. The sound card would have to be broken rather than just be inadequate quality to cause Dragon Professional Individual to stop dead in its tracks.