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 It is an uncommon stone with a matrix brilliance that ranges from grey to black and is known for its resemblance to white pine kernels. Jewelry has been made with... Read More

Tibetan Turquoise has been used as a symbol of love between individuals and is believed to protect both the giver and the recipient of the gift. In their early years,... Read More

The family of turquoise crystals includes the appealing stone known as copper turquoise. The stone is made of copper and turquoise, as suggested by its name, and the copper contributes... Read More

Peach stone is also famous as Peach Moonstone, and it is a variety of the illustrious Moonstone, graced with a captivating peachy hue, cherished as a treasure among gemstone enthusiasts.... Read More

Birthstone has a dense history and possesses many symbolic meanings. It's a charming custom that assigns a particular gemstone each month, reflecting the unique qualities and energies of that time... Read More

Chalcedony is a collection of quartz with a cryptocrystalline structure composed of regular silicon dioxide. The real gem is conventional with a beautiful design, meaning it is well transformed into... Read More

The topaz family includes blue topaz. It is a mild silicate mineral that includes fluorine and aluminum. It primarily comprises a surface that is primarily prismatic and a considerable portion... Read More

Smoky quartz is available in a range of colors, including grey, brown, and black. Brown is the only color variant available for the stunning gemstone known as smoked quartz. There are... Read More

These manifestations feature a variety of varieties, surfaces, and implications, dazzling the eyes and hearts of gem enthusiasts around the world. From old times to the present day, Multi Gemstone Jewelry has... Read More

Black onyx is a type of onyx gemstone that is a member of the chalcedony family of silicate stones. It is identified by its harsh texture and vertical lines, and... Read More