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Spices testing services: Spices Testing Services in Pune | Lotus Lab

Spices are derived from various parts of plants, including seeds, bark, roots, or dried fruits. They are known for their intense flavors and are used to season food, add heat,... Read More

Cosmetics testing refers to the scientific analysis and evaluation of cosmetic products to ensure their safety, quality, and compliance with regulatory standards. Testing is conducted at various stages, including during... Read More

Bio Burdon testing lab in pune : Bio Burden Testing Lab in Pune | Lotus Lab

Bio burden estimation refers to the process of determining the level of viable microorganisms present in a given sample or environment. It is an important aspect of microbiological testing and... Read More

Testing of milk and dairy products is crucial to ensure their quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. Commonly used products are Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Cream, Ice cream, Sour... Read More

Sugar Testing lab in Pune: Sugar Testing Lab in Pune | Ethanol Testing Lab in Pune

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that is commonly used as a sweetener in food and beverages. It is a crystalline substance with a sweet taste and is derived from... Read More

Wastewater or effluent refers to water that has been used in domestic, industrial, or agricultural activities and requires treatment before being released back into the environment. Testing is conducted to... Read More

Oil testing lab: Oil Testing Lab in Pune | Oil Testing Services in Pune

Edible oils and fats are derived from plant or animal sources and are commonly used in cooking and food preparation. They provide essential fatty acids, act as flavor enhancers, and... Read More

Air testing lab in pune: Air Testing Lab in Pune | Air/Surface Testing

Air and surface testing refers to the process of analyzing the quality and cleanliness of air and surfaces in various environments. It involves the collection and analysis of samples to... Read More

Process water is used in industrial operations, manufacturing processes, or other commercial activities. Testing is performed to monitor the quality and suitability of process water to ensure it does not... Read More

Swab analysis lab in pune : Swab Analysis Lab in Pune | Lotus Lab

Lotus Lab is your trusted partner in Pune, dedicated to providing expert swab analysis services that prioritize hygiene and safety. Our mission is to ensure the well-being of our clients... Read More