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LOTUS MOTHER AND CHILD CARE HOSPITAL is one of the Best Vaccination Centre in Akurdi, Nigdi, and PCMC. We understand that parents want to provide their children with the best care, and we are happy to be able to offer that care for them. Dr. Sharad Pathade is an experienced, professional, and brilliant child care doctor who will provide you with the best mother and baby vaccination services.

Vaccinations That We Offer:

BCG: This treatment involves an injection of a weakened form of Mycobacterium bovis a bacterium that causes tuberculosis. The injection does not cause disease but can prevent it from spreading in people who have not been exposed to the bacterium.

Polio: This disease is caused by a virus and can spread through contaminated food or water. We continue to eliminate this disease by providing adequate treatments for you.

Hepatitis: The hepatitis virus can be treated in three different ways:

Antiviral drugs
Liver transplantation
Our treatments can range from mild to severe depending on how long you are on them for as well as your age and overall health condition when you are first diagnosed with the virus.

Tetanus: Tetanus is a rare but very serious infection that can cause muscle spasms and even death. The tetanus vaccine is available in the form of a shot or a series of shots to prevent this disease.

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