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SecurityTokenizer Made it possible!!! We provide ready-made white Label Cryptocurrency exchange software platforms with advanced trading features based on your business needs.

Business Benefits Of Launching White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Enhanced Visibility.
Increased Customer's Confidence and Loyalty.
Greater Scalability.
Quickest & Easiest Way To Enter the Crypto Market.
24/7 Support.
Slashed Development and Research Costs.
Enhanced Security.

Monetization Model In Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

One-Time Payment
Fees and Commissions

Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions

Transactions Per Second
Powerful Trading Engine
KYC & AML Verification
Fiat & Cryptocurrency Support
Trading Bot
Payment Gateway Integration
Wallet Exchange
Admin Panel

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Types

Centralized Exchange

Almost 99% of crypto transactions are made on Centralized Exchanges.This kind of method offers higher liquidity than the De centralized Exchange.

Decentralized Exchange

In this process transactions are controlled by automatic algorithms called Smart Contract. Instead of a admin and the traders do not need to deposit crypto on the exchange to get the ability to trade the cryptocurrency

Peer-To-Peer Exchange

This Kind of approach where users can notify other people about their will to trade cryptocurrency. The Trade Can be made online. The Trading conditions may be discussed by both buyer and seller.

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