Lord Hanuman became Sanjeevani Booti for BJP in the last round of Karnataka elections

Ban on Bajrang Dal means insult to Hindu religion
Bangalore. 'Sankat te Hanuman chudave, man karma vachan dhyan jo lavae' (If you pray to him with all your devotion, then Lord Hanuman will save you from trouble) is a famous line from 'Hanuman Chalisa', a devotee of the Hindu god Hanuman. Let's chant for This line is ringing loud in the Karnataka election fray as well, as the BJP has faith in Lord Hanuman. Apart from this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is helping him to win the elections in the state. Some supporters were seen dressed as Lord Hanuman at PM Narendra Modi's mega roadshow in Bengaluru. Which made it clear that the theme of the last week of the election campaign has become God 'Bajrang Bali'.
After this, the Congress is complaining that the BJP has twisted the whole story to take it to Bajrang Bali instead of this Hinduist organization 'Bajrang Dal'. The Congress, in its manifesto released last Tuesday, had proposed banning Bajrang Dal unnecessarily. But the BJP says it has every reason to invoke Lord Hanuman. Since then PM Modi chants 'Jai Bajrang Bali' in every rally. It is noteworthy that Lord Hanuman was born in the Anjanadri Hills of Karnataka.