Metribuzin 70% WP I Herbicide Manufacturer & Exporter I Peptech Biosciences

Metribuzin 70% W.P. is a discerning post-emergence herbicide that plays a pivotal role in managing a broad spectrum of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in various crop types. It operates as a systemic herbicide, entering the plants through both their leaves and roots, and permeating the entire plant structure to exterminate weeds from within. Classified within the triazine herbicide category, its mode of action revolves around thwarting photosynthesis in vulnerable plants. Once administered to the soil or foliage, Metribuzin is absorbed by the targeted weeds' roots or leaves. Subsequently, it travels throughout the plant, where it disrupts the process of photosynthesis by interfering with electron transport and impeding chlorophyll production. This gradual disruption leads to the weeds' progressive yellowing and browning, ultimately culminating in their demise.