Potassium Humate 20% I Biostimulant Manufacturer & Exporter I Peptech Biosciences

Potassium Humate Flake is derived from high-quality natural Leonhardite. It boasts varying solubility grades, rendering it versatile for applications in compound fertilizer manufacturing, irrigation, and foliar spraying. Its utility extends to landscaping, gardening, agriculture, and horticulture, effectively enhancing soil structure, bolstering fertilizer efficiency, and augmenting water retention and cation exchange capacities. Notably, it acts as a safeguard against soil contamination by heavy metal ions and aids in reducing pesticide residues. Moreover, it fortifies the soil's resilience against hard water and acts as a catalyst for plant growth and seed germination. Root development is also promoted, while nutrient absorption through both leaves and roots is optimized. This, in turn, heightens the efficacy of pesticides, leading to increased crop yields and improved plant quality.