Servo Voltage Stabilizer and its contribution towards social cause

Servo Voltage Stabilizer eliminates voltage fluctuations and provides correct voltage to the accuracy of ±1%. Its control is step-less thus reduces malfunctioning and failure rate of electrical equipments.
The optimum Voltage required in Indian Sub-Continent is 230V in Single Phase and 400V in Three Phase. Lesser or higher from it, resulting in higher energy consumption. Urban and Rural areas in general receive Voltage range of around 260V to 270V, and 140V to 160 V or even lower respectively.

Science behind higher consumption and what you can do for it?

Resistance of an electrical appliance shall remain same or constant. According to Ohm’s Law Voltage directly proportional to Current, thus as voltage increases current also increases. As Power is the product of Voltage and Current, so higher voltage results in higher power and thus higher energy consumption.

Let's understand by very easy example:

Suppose you are getting 230V at your home and you are running a constant 2 KW load for an hour, then a energy consumption in terms of unit shall be “2 Unit”. And same above conditions but with 260V the energy consumption shall be “2.6 Units”. Thus you can determine that for every hour you are paying extra electricity bill of 0.6 units. And if you calculate for 24 hrs it shall be around 14 units, and for 365 days it shall be 5110 units. Taking 1 Unit cost as Rs. 5, thus your are paying Rs. 25550 every year for high voltage. Many people are unaware that they are paying excess to the excess voltage most of the time they receive from electricity department.
In case of lower voltage, you need to run the appliance or machine higher in terms quantity or duration to achieve the optimum results.