The Spice House: The Spice House offers a range of Indian spice kits and recipe boxes that provide authentic flavors for Indian dishes. They provide high-quality, freshly ground spices and curated spice blends that are essential for Indian cooking.

Vahdam Teas: Although primarily known for their premium tea selections, Vahdam Teas also offers Indian meal kits that focus on regional specialties. Their kits include pre-measured spices, grains, and lentils, along with recipes to create authentic Indian meals.

Saffron Fix: Saffron Fix offers Indian meal kits with a focus on delivering authentic and flavorful recipes. They provide pre-measured spices, sauces, and key ingredients to create dishes like biryanis, curries, and masalas.

Piquant Post: Piquant Post offers a monthly subscription service for global spice blends, including a range of Indian spice blends. While not a traditional meal kit, their spice blends can be used to create authentic Indian dishes by adding them to your own ingredients.

Curry Delights: Curry Delights specializes in authentic Indian meal kits with a variety of regional options. Their kits provide pre-portioned ingredients, spices, and step-by-step instructions to recreate classic Indian dishes.

The Kari Club: The Kari Club is a subscription-based service that offers Indian meal kits focusing on regional specialties. They work with Indian chefs to curate recipes and provide the necessary ingredients to cook authentic Indian meals at home.